Dr. Pol Staff 2024. Know who left the Dr. Pol Clinic. - Vetshows. (2024)

The Incredible Dr. Pol is an American reality vet show that streams on Net Geo World. The show follows the events in Dr. Jan Pol Veterinary Clinic, an animal hospital in Weidman, Michigan.

The cast on the show includes the owner of the facility, Dr. Jan Pol, and his family together with his staff, not forgetting the many guests who bring the content of the show. The show made its debut on 29th October 2011.

Dr. Pol has become the doyen in veterinary medicine, specializing in large animals like bulls and horses. However, his clinic has experienced up and downs concerning staff management. This has cost him to lose some vital members of his team.

Still, he has never been a lonely captain, and he has loyal ones. In this article, we will look at Dr. Pol’s staff’s profile, the ones who left, and the staunch. If you want to watch the video of what Dr. Pol Plans are on Thanks Giving, watch the video

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Dr. Pol staff who are still on the show.

Dr. Brenda Grettenberger Is Still On Dr. Pol.

Brenda Grettenberger is a 53 years old veterinary doctor from Eaton Rapids, Michigan. Dr. Brenda became Dr. Pol’s staff in 1992 after completing her studies from Michigan State University College.

Dr. Brenda has indeed been a loyal member of the team, probably the longest-serving staff not related to Dr. Pol.

Over the years, she has moved along the ranks and now holds a senior staff veterinarian position. Working at the clinic also comes with the opportunity to be part of the reality TV show’s crew.

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Brenda has appeared in 154 episodes of the show and counting, missing out in just but a few. There were rumors of Dr. Brenda leaving the show, but they all turned out to be baseless. She is still part of the clinic and the show.

After much digging, we could hardly find personal information about her, making it hard for her to have a wiki.

It is not clear if Dr. Brenda is married and has kids. Other than her work and the show, Dr. Brenda has succeeded in keeping the fine details about herself.

Dr. Diane Pol.

Diane Polis, a 76 years old American celebrity wife. However, as many would think, she is not a trained doctor; she takes that title for being the wife of Dr. Pol and the fact that she has been with him throughout his career journey.

Diane pursued a parallel line of the profession with her husband, specializing in literature. She is a reading specialist but doesn’t seem to be making gains on what she studied.

Instead, she has become famous for being the woman behind Dr. Pol’s much success, just like the famous saying goes.

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The couple met when they were still young and have endured the hardship of startups but are now enjoying the fruits of tenacity.

Diane has appeared in a total of 165 episodes posing as Dr. Pol’s wife. Through experience, she has turned out to be an excellent actor loved by many viewers. She is still on the show, which has become part of her life, maybe until the end.

Charles Pol.

Charles is a 41 years old American producer. He is famously known as Dr. Pol’s adopted son. Charles attended the College of Miami, where he pursued communications.

Of course, his choice was a shocker, having been around animals all his life, so many expected him to follow his footsteps. After completing college, he has worked for different institutions including in Hollywood.

His resume as a producer indicates that he has operated under the famous producer and director, the late Sydney Pollack.

Dr. Pol Staff 2024. Know who left the Dr. Pol Clinic. - Vetshows. (3)

Besides having a career, Charles has coupled up with being on his father’s show, where he also works as a producer. He has appeared in 158 episodes, posing as Dr. Pol’s son. As long as the show continues, we believe that he will continue to cast in the show.

Dr. Nicole Arcy Vet.

Nicole is the new lady in the clinic. Having lost two female doctors, Liz and Emily, Dr. Pol had to find a replacement to fill the gap. Dr. Nicole Arccy was lucky to be considered to be the best-suited candidate. She joined the Dr. Pol clinic in 2019 and confessed to being a dream come true. So far, she has appeared in 14 episodes, not missing any since her arrival.

Dr. Pol Staff 2024. Know who left the Dr. Pol Clinic. - Vetshows. (4)

Being new in the show, Nicole has not shared much about her personal life, and there is no wiki for her. According to Nicole’s social media profile, she a fresh graduate starting her career life. She is very active online with 12.8K followers on Twitter, having joined in January 2019 and 37.8 followers on Instagram.

We are looking forward to knowing much about her, and when we do so, be sure to find them here.

Beth Pol.

Beth started appearing on the show in 2018, posing as Charles’s girlfriend. After the two got married, she has continued to be part of the show as Charles Pol’s wife. She came in at the right time when rumors of Charles being gay were at the peak. Marrying him extinguished those allegations. Charles Pol and wife Beth welcomed their firstborn daughter on 19th October 2019 and named her Abigail. So far, she has appeared in 9 episodes and continues to be a cast on the show.

Dr. Pol Staff Who has left the show and why.

Dr. Emily Thomas Moved to Virginia.

Dr. Emily is 36 years old Vet from Georgia. She attained her doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Georgia, graduating in 2010. Dr. Emily Thomas Vet is a mother of three children, aged between three and eight, and married to her husband, Tony Thomas.

She became Dr. Pol’s staff in 2015 and got the opportunity to appear in the reality show. Dr. Emily Thomas Vet worked in the clinic for four consecutive years and became the fan-favorite for her passion in handling large animals, like cows and horses. She won many hearts for herself. She was present for a total of 95 episodes for the show, before leaving the Dr. Pol clinic and the show in 2019.

Dr. Pol Staff 2024. Know who left the Dr. Pol Clinic. - Vetshows. (5)

From her profile, you can notice that she must be a busy woman. She was balancing between two demanding tasks, hectic work, and raising a young family. She had to stretch her muscles more and work for many hours to keep up.

This affected her well-being, both physically and psychologically. It was after much consideration that she decided to refocus and settle on what was more important.

After discussing the matter, the young family decided to leave Michigan for Virginia, where they are currently living. Leaving the clinic also meant leaving the show.

She did not abandon her career, though, and she continues to work in Warren County Veterinary Hospital, coupling up with her new job, creating content for online consumption and blogging.

Dr. Elizabeth Grammar.

As she is widely referred to, Dr. Elizabeth Grammar is a 47 years old vet from Lamar County, Georgia. She attained her doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Georgia.

She later landed in Michigan, where she got the rare opportunity of being one of the Dr. Pol staff.

Dr. Pol’s former staff Dr. Elizabeth made her debut on the show on 6th February 2016 and shot nine successive episodes. Unfortunately, in 2018, she notably started missing before the news came in that she had left the show. But why did she go?

It is after a series of unfortunate events that forced her to opt-out of the show. It all started in December 2016 when Dr. Elizabeth Grammar got home and found her husband, Robert Grammar, pissed off.

Dr. Pol Staff 2024. Know who left the Dr. Pol Clinic. - Vetshows. (6)

Under the influence of alcohol, Robert asked Elizabeth for a painkiller, and she gave him half a millimeter of Butorphanol, potent morphine, and he injected himself with it. The drug had significant side effects on him, and was rushed and admitted to Monroe County Hospital.

Sadly, he passed away after failing to respond to the life support machine. It then became a police case. Back in the house, Dr. Liz was found unconscious and was reported to have tried to take her own life. She was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

After all these events, Dr. Elizabeth Grammar chose to lead a low profile life, far away from showbiz. She is practicing in a private veterinary clinic, but the exact facts of the name and location of the facility are unknown. What we surely know is that she left working with Dr. Pol.

Dale Lehnert.

Dale is a local farmer in Central Michigan. He is the owner of one of the small dairy farms known as Clay Knob. Dale and Pol have been friends for more than thirty years.

The fact that their line of work is related, Dale found himself as Dr. Pol’s staff. He was featured on the show for 25 episodes, having made his debut at the beginning of the show in 2011. Unfortunately, we could not get personal information about him, though he a man of age, probably in the same period set with Dr. Pol

Dale has been missing since the beginning of the sixteenth season. Reports have it that his farm has been under threat and was on the verge of losing it.

After seeking help in the form of donations, so many people responded in support of the same. He later posted an appreciation video.

We believe he is working towards refurbishing his far, saving it for the next generation. We cannot also be confident if he will ever come back to the show.

Tony Thomas.

Tony is mostly known for being the husband of Dr. Emily Thomas. He did not get to be a member of Dr. Pol’s staff, only got to be on the show as a vet assistant, helping his wife do her job.

This caused him to appear in 20 episodes from 2016 to 2019. After coming to a consensus to leave for Virginia, Tony and her family also left the show.

Dr. Pol Staff 2024. Know who left the Dr. Pol Clinic. - Vetshows. (7)

Sandra Wisniewski.

Sandra’s story, as Dr. Pol’s staff, is quite peculiar. She joined the clinic as an intern with an inspiring career journey. She debuted the show in 2012, appearing in 14 episodes running to sometimes in 2017.

Then she suddenly disappeared on the show. Sandra Wisniewski married her boyfriend named Chris Shindrof on 5th October 2014, and Dr. Sanda and husband already had one child, a daughter named Madelyn. After getting married, they settled in Belding, Michigan.

The distance between her residence and workplace affected the quality of her work, so she decided to leave the clinic and settle with her husband. In 2019, Dr. Pol’s ex-staff, Dr. Sandra Wisniewski, and husband welcomed their second child, a bouncing baby boy named Sam. Sandra is still young, with much potential ahead. We hope to see more of her on screens soon.

Michele Sharkey.

Michele first appeared on The Incredible Dr. Pol show when it debuts in 2011 as a student. She then left to continue with her education in Ross University, school of veterinary medicine.

She graduated in 2017 and became a full-time Dr. Pol staff. Michele appeared in ten more episodes between 2018 and 2019. She then left Michigan for Missouri.

Michele Sharkey is currently practicing in Jones Animal Health Clinic. She has an outgoing personality and loves outdoor activities, as evident from her social media posts. She is in a relationship with an unknown man, and rumors have it he is Dr. Emily’s brother.

Scott Stough.

Scott is also another local dairy farmer in Central Michigan. Being close to Dr. Pol’s clinic, he has had the privilege of having his animals attended the clinic.

Scott Stough is, therefore, not one of the Dr. Pol staff. He has, as a result, appeared in ten recurrent episodes from 2014. He has notably been missing since the beginning of 2019. We cannot rule out the chances of him coming making a reappearance at the show.

Olivia Fox.

Olivia made a brief show on Dr. Pol’s clinic between 2013 and 2014, appearing in only four episodes. She posed as a veterinary assistant and therefore was Dr. Pol’s staff.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she is currently working at Stone Hill Veterinary Clinic, located in Michigan. The main reason that caused Olivia Fox to leave the show is, however, unknown. It could be matters remuneration or anything personal.

Originally posted on September 9, 2020 @ 7:20 am

Dr. Pol Staff 2024. Know who left the Dr. Pol Clinic. - Vetshows. (2024)


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