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Jordan, NBA players to raise money for Obama

9:27 AM
Phillips, Parchment to push for hurdles sprint final

9:13 AM
Allegations of police negligence in Mandeville to be investigated

8:44 AM

Leford Green could run 4X400m relay

8:30 AM
Kenia Sinclair withdraws from 800m with several injuries

8:01 AM
Asafa suffered acute injury

7:51 AM

  • Bolt Strikes!
  • VCB's Drama
  • Hummer Bummer
  • EA Breaks Record
  • De La Hoya Knocked Out!
  • Dark City

Today's headlines

  • Jordan, NBA players to raise money for Obama 9:27 AM
  • Phillips, Parchment to push for hurdles sprint final 9:13 AM
  • Allegations of police negligence in Mandeville to be investigated 8:44 AM
  • Leford Green could run 4X400m relay 8:30 AM
  • Kenia Sinclair withdraws from 800m with several injuries 8:01 AM
  • Asafa suffered acute injury 7:51 AM
  • Below normal rainfall impacting NWC supplies
  • Complant gets expansion cash
  • Media coverage here and abroad
  • Opposition says no-user fee policy saved patients $8b

Most popular stories

  • Usain bolts across the globe ()
  • With a whimper! Walker yields Olympic crown after tame display ()
  • Women's 200m lane assignments and preview ()
  • Jamaicans proudly celebrate Independence ()
  • Even Bolt had to line up ()
  • I have lost my fire says Melanie ()
  • Bolt, Blake, Weir — 1-2-3 in 200m final? ()
  • English clubs target J'can Fuller ()
  • Sanya edges Shelly in 200m semi final ()
  • Bolt reveals secret for blazing 200m run ()

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Guidance counsellors to visit homes of children not attending school

SCHOOL guidance counsellors and other approved persons are to visit the homes of children who ar ...


  • Buju’s bad gamble - J’can entertainer loses appeal
  • Dos and don'ts when applying for visas
  • Ja 50 highlights

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Mouthwatering 200m women's final looms

LONDON, England — Jamaica's medal count could improve today with athletes taking part in t ...


  • Asafa suffered acute injury
  • Bolt reveals secret for blazing 200m run
  • VCB on the brink of track history

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Western Union customers irate

HOPEWELL, Hanover — The temporary closure of Western Union remittance service locations in ...


  • Complant gets expansion cash
  • Cayman scrapping tax on expats
  • Never too early to start building your portfolio

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Ranking Trevor dies in accident

VETERAN deejay Ranking Trevor died from injuries sustained in a motor accident yesterday.The dee ...


  • VOH seeks wider audience
  • Bob Marley Day in Los Angeles
  • All the right notes

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All Woman

Can women 'have it all'? US writer stirs debate

WASHINGTON, USA (AFP) — An Ivy League scholar and mother of two is touching a raw nerve by ...


  • Undaunted - Motivational speaker battles clinical depression
  • Get your child's heart checked
  • 'Women have come a far way'

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Media coverage here and abroad

FULL credit to all concerned for the media coverage of the home response to the first two victor ...


  • Jamaica/Trinidad Trade Facilitation Desk now operational
  • The politics of entitlement
  • The 'Bolt-isation' syndrome

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Elton John reignites feud with Madonna

Sir Elton John has reignited his feud with Madonna by labelling her a "fairground strippe" in an ...


  • Fastest man in the world Usain Bolt excited to meet Spice Girl Mel C
  • It's true then? Katy Perry and John Mayer spotted together
  • Jamaica's 'Mein' Course

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Western News

Martha Brae's centenarian remembers August 6, 1962

MARTHA BRAE, Trelawny — At 102- years- old Geraldine Steele may not be able to participate ...


  • 'Back in those days'
  • Poor Quality — Former MoBay mayor calls for training of political reps
  • Crown witness found dead in Frome

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Seizing the moment in a time of crisis

This newspaper has issued repeated warnings in this space regarding food security. That if Jamai ...


  • Ms Cheryl Cunningham gives us hope
  • Celebrating Jamaica and our athletes
  • Use this 50th anniversary for inspiration

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Doug Gore's Audi resets for Dover

RACING fans were cognisant that Doug 'Hollywood' Gore and his Audi TT-R DTM were missing from la ...


  • 'Total' Control
  • Gregg posts new lap record

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Is the Jamaican observer credible? ›

As one of the leading media houses, Jamaica Observer Limited (JOL) takes pride and care in doing its due diligence to ensure that all published material is accurate, unbiased, fair and free from defamation .

How do I contact the Jamaica observer? ›

  1. Head Office. Kingston. 40-42 1/2 Beechwood Avenue, ...
  2. News. Tel: 876-960-6593. ...
  3. Advertising & Special Projects. Tel: 876-936-9403. ...
  4. Classified Sales. Tel: 876-936-9501. ...
  5. Marketing. Phone: 876-936-9368. ...
  6. Circulation. Tel: 876-968-6670. ...
  7. International Subscription. The Jamaica Observer's E-Paper.
  8. Branch Offices. Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

When many people think of jamaica what do they think of? ›

Jamaica's motto is "Out of Many, One People." When most people think of Jamaica they think of Reggae, or "Ragged Music." The music was born in the 1950s and '60s from the musical styles of mento, ska, and rocksteady. The most famous reggae star was Bob Marley, who was backed by his group the Wailers.

Who created the Jamaica observer? ›

Jamaica Observer is a daily newspaper published in Kingston, Jamaica. The publication was owned by Butch Stewart (now deceased), who chartered the paper in January 1993 as a competitor to Jamaica's oldest daily paper, The Gleaner.

What should I be careful of in Jamaica? ›

If you decide to travel to Jamaica:
  • Do not attempt to bring firearms or ammunition. ...
  • Avoid walking or driving at night.
  • Avoid public buses.
  • Avoid secluded places or situations.
  • Do not physically resist any robbery attempt.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and keep a low profile.
Jan 23, 2024

What is Jamaica ranked in education? ›

Overall the country managed a score of 397 or a 60th place ranking in the 2022 exam. Jamaica is in company with ten of the lowest ranked countries including Cambodia - with the lowest average score of 337 and Palestine - the highest of the group, with 361.

Where is the headquarters of the Jamaica Observer? ›

Head Office: 40-42 1/2 Beechwood Avenue, Kingston 5, Jamaica, W.I.

Who is the editor of the Jamaica Observer? ›

Desmond Allen - Executive Editor - Special Assignment - Jamaica Observer Limited | LinkedIn.

How do I speak to someone at US embassy in Jamaica? ›

For after-hours help, the U.S. Embassy in Kingston can be contacted 24 hours a day at (876) 702-6000. Press 0 to report an emergency. This option is not for visa inquiries. The Department of State's Citizen Emergency Center can be reached at (202) 647-5225 or toll-free from within the U.S. at (888) 407-4747.

What is considered rude in Jamaica? ›

Generally, there is no issue with drinking in public, however being publicly (and obviously) drunk is considered rude or antisocial. Subtle public displays of affection are also of no issue, hand-holding and a passing kiss is of no consequence, but anything more than that is not well looked upon.

What is the average salary in Jamaica in US dollars? ›

In recent years, the average monthly salary for employees in the formal sector ranges roughly from JMD 70,000 to JMD 120,000. This range approximates to USD 460 to USD 790 at current exchange rates. However, it's important to understand that these figures can fluctuate widely depending on the industry and job role.

Why are Jamaicans so strong? ›

There have been studies by the University of Glasgow and others on this gene and most agree that the ACTN3 gene is found in more than 70% of the people living in this tiny West African nation. This gene is known to produce a protein that enhances sprint performance.

Who actually found Jamaica? ›

The Discovery of Jamaica. On May 5, 1494, Christopher Columbus, the European explorer, who sailed west to get to the East Indies and came upon the region now called the West Indies, landed in Jamaica. This occurred on his second voyage to the West Indies.

Who found Jamaica first? ›

Christopher Columbus was the first European to set foot on the island when he claimed it for Spain on May 3rd, 1494, during his second voyage to the New World.

Who was the first person to come to Jamaica? ›

Jamaica's first people were the Taínos, who came to the island from the northern coast of South America and settled in Jamaica around 600 AD. They spoke a dialect of Arawakan and named the island, "Xaymaca", meaning “land of wood and water”.

What is Jamaica ranked in the press freedom index? ›

The country now ranks 24 out of 180 nations in the 2024 release of the World Press Freedom Index, with a score of 77.3.

Who owns the Observer newspaper? ›

Guardian Media Group plc (GMG) is a British-based mass media company owning various media operations including The Guardian and The Observer. The group is wholly owned by the Scott Trust Limited, which exists to secure the financial and editorial independence of The Guardian in perpetuity.

Are The Guardian and the Observer the same newspaper? ›

The Observer is a British newspaper published on Sundays. It is a sister paper to The Guardian and The Guardian Weekly, having been acquired by their parent company, Guardian Media Group Limited, in 1993. First published in 1791, it is the world's oldest Sunday newspaper.


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