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2024. breaking news. landmark decision. the supreme court rules former president donald trump has absolute immunity for all official act but not for unofficial act. what do those terms actually mean, our team of legal experts breaks it down. full steam ahead. president biden insists he's staying in the presidential race. how his team is working to calm nerves with democratic voters and big donors. go fourth. a record number of americans are expected to fly for america's birthday, but severe weather is already wreaking havoc at airports nationwide. what you need to know before heading out the door. >> and jaw dropper. new technology in the works designed to stop shark attacks on beachgoers. we're diving in to how it works. thanks so much for starting your week with us. we'll start this hour with that historic decision from the

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supreme court today, involving the biggest criminal case former president donald trump is facing. >> we're talking a about the case where trump is charged over his efforts to overturn the 2020 election results. in a 6-3 ruling along ideological lines the conservative majority court agreed that presidents should be immune from facing criminal prosecution over, quote, official acts, while in office. the court did rule that mr. trump wasn't immune for unofficial acts or those that fall out of his quote core constitutional powers. writing that the president is not above the law. >> what counts as an official act by a president and what's an unofficial act? nbc news washington correspondent yamiche alcindor is outside the courthouse. this is a very complicated ruling, what exactly is the court saying in this decision and how does this change things

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in the prosecution's case against former president trump? >> reporter: well, this is a complicated but consequential ruling by the supreme court, expanding the power of the presidency as we know it. part of the majority opinion that chief justice wrote, we thus conclude that the president is -- 6-3 split. i want to read part of what justice sotomayor wrote -- now, as you said the unofficial acts are deemed not immune here, that being said, there's a lot here that could impact the indictment of special counsel

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jack smith. it says this decision that the president's public statements are likely immune, this could derail jack smith's ability to try to prosecute former president donald trump. >> okay, danny, this issue of presidential immunity goes down to lower courts now, right, what happens next, is there a possibility that after that it ends up back at the supreme court again? >> it could possibly. it goes down to the lower courts and it remanded to them to make the determination of what's official conduct and what's unofficial conduct. donald trump gets presums, the burden is now on the prosecution to disprove that the alleged conduct is not official. and of course if it allowed to appeal trump will certainlycert.

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>> former president donald trump, it has implications for other presidents, right, walk us through those. >> exactly right the court had a few options here, it could have limited its decision just to these factses, it could have written a much shorter opinion that would say, hey, we're not deciding the issue of presidential immunity generally, we're just looking at these particular facts and this prosecution can go forward. on these facts president trump doesn't have immunity, but they decided to write as justice gorsuch wrote, a rule for the ages. even this rule will be tricky to implement. you can see right away when this case goes down to the lower court for those determinations, how do you separate official conduct from unofficial conduct. >> yamiche, justice thomas wrote

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a concurrent on why he agreed with this decision. he wrote something that could impact a different case against former president donald trump. >> that rights. justice clarence thomas wrote in his concurring opinion, he strongly suggested that the appointment of special counsel jack smith might not even be legal, that's important because it could impact another case in florida that classified documents at mar-a-lago. the judge there, judge canyon can look at that opinion by justice thomas and possibly rule that jack smith's appointment is completely illegal. we'll see what the consequences of this supreme court decision will be. >> thank you both. with the election now just over four months away, today's major supreme court decision is reverberating across the political world.

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former president trump wasted no time taking a victory lane on social media, boasting on his truth social platform, quote, big win for our constitution and democracy, proud to be an american. >> the biden campaign blasting the decision by the justices saying in a statement that the former president, quote, thinks he's above the law before hosting a call with january 6th capitol police officers who labeled trump a threat to democracy. it's all come as biden's team spent the weekend in an all-out blitz in public and behind the scenes trying to reassure democrats that biden can still win in november after last week's debate. let's bring in nbc news now anchor hallie jackson. democrats are saying they're worried about what a president can now do in office, republicans are saying the supreme court's decision is a victory, what changes politically in the race for the white house now? >> reporter: in the eyes of democrats, this essentially highlights the stakes at play come november. raises them to a degree given what the supreme court has found today.

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you have some real frustration with the court's decision, but also with the court as a whole with former house speaker nancy pelosi suggesting that this now conservative majority court has gone rogue, congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez may try to file articles of impeachment against some of the justices, at least the chief justice, we asked her office for clarification. that's mostly symbolic, given that the house is controlled by republicans. the deep dissatisfaction by democrats. on the flip side of the aisle, you have republicans of course largely following along party lines falling behind former president trump, with house speaker mike johnson echoing that this is not just a victory for the former president but the rule of law, big picture here, when you look at the court overall, the latest decision, a controversial one that the court has gotten into it, not

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surprising given that this is the highest court of the land, but the political lens is an interesting one here. >> the biden campaign would be focused on that, instead they're still responding, recovering from president biden's highly criticized performance at the debate last week. we know that biden was with his family this weekend, talked about the future of his campaign, what do we know what they were talking about? >> reporter: to keep on fighting, according to multiple sources familiar with those conversations, and according to the president's closest confidant herself, the first lady jill biden, who's confirming now in this new interview with vogue magazine, they had done a photo shoot with her, cover shoot previously planned, but followed up again on sunday after everything went down with that debate performance, where she said that the family simply does not want those 90 minutes to define the president's four years in office so far and that the message is that he'll keep fighting.

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you're seeing publicly democratic allies really sort of pushing that, right, as the biden team scrambles to try to contain the fallout, relieve a spike in anxiety among democrats privately. from our team's reporting, reporting i've done, there's still a question mark. we've seen a flash poll, a fairly new one coming from cbs/you gov, right after the debate, normally pollsters like to give people a little bit more time to digest, suggesting about 77% of americans think that biden is not fit for office. biden campaign said nothing has moved the needle they've seen so far in the key battlegrounds. if that starts to change, we'll see how things go. right now the posture is to stay the course. not step aside. remarkable that we're even having this conversation in the first place. >> we have 30 seconds, hallie, what are top democratic donors saying? >> reporter: it depends on which ones you talk to, the top biden campaign official had a call with a small group of key donors

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just yesterday trying to alleviate some of those concerns, reassure them that the president will stay in and remarkably go through what would be a messy logistics in fact the president would step aside. again, remarkable we're even having that conversation, there's another call later on today with a larger group of donors, kate. >> hallie jackson. >> thanks so much. much more analysis and reporting on today's supreme court decision tonight on hallie jackson now streaming live at 5:00 p.m. eastern on nbc news now. time now for today's money minute. >> once popular company is headed to bankruptcy. the eu is accusing the meta platform the parent company of facebook of violating the european digital market act, meta launched a no-ad

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subscription service in europe last year. the eu says that forces people to agree to hand over their personal data or pay to get a less personalized version of the social network in return. and the parent company of redbox, the classic grocery store dvd kiosk filed for bankruptcy. in the court filing, the parent company which is called chicken soup for entertainment, revealed it owes nearly a $1 billion. the redbox owners reveal they owe millions of dollars to over 500 entertainment companies and retailers including sony pictures and walmart. i have to say, i didn't know they were still in existence.

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i don't think i've played a dvd in ten years. >> i said that earlier today. all right, bertha coombs, thank you. coming up, france's far right appears to score big many first round of elections there. plus, breaking news. major update in a murder trial major update in a murder trial that's taken over social me you can't leave without cuddles. but, you also can't leave covered in hair. with bounce pet, you can cuddle and brush that hair off. bounce, it's the sheet. [coughing] copd hasn't been pretty. it's tough to breathe and tough to keep wondering if this is as good as it gets. but trelegy has shown me that there's still beauty and breath to be had. because with three medicines in one inhaler, trelegy keeps my airways open and prevents future flare-ups.

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ended in a mistrial. >> karen read hugged people in gallery after the judge announced this decision today, the jury was deadlocked after five days of deliberations. read is accuse odd ruchbing over her boyfriend with her suv leaving him to die in snowstorm back in 2022. nbc news correspondent rehema ellis joins us now. what happens next now? >> the prosecution is indicating that it will re-try this case, this was a very voluinous case. this jury became confounded in terms of what they believed and what they did not believe in terms of reasonable doubt as to whether karen read was guilty of killing her boston police officer boyfriend. so in a message within an hour to the judge it said members of this jury we firmly believe that the evidence surpasses the burden of proof establishing

12:17 pm

guilt but it said conversely others find the evidence fail to do that. at that point, the judge declared a mistrial. they'll come back later in the month and talk about a status of where they go next on this. but as i say the prosecution wants to do it again. >> what are we hearing from read's attorneys. >> she was very much not like to go through this again. 2022. fast forward two years, again the evidence is voluminous, to make it more streamlined and more understandable for the jury. >> rehema ellis, we appreciate it. outrage is growing after a deadly police shooting of a teenager in upstate new york. 13-year-old mway was shot and

12:18 pm

killed friday night in utica. about an hour east of syracuse. police said they approached him because he matched the picture of a robbery suspect. >> it shows officers chasing him after they say he ran while they were talking to him. >> officers said the teen pointed what looked like a weapon. be replicate glock pellet gun. a witness captured the moment of the shooting and a warning the video we're about to show is disturbing. >> oh, my god. >> nbc news correspondent george solis joins us now, what are we hearing from the police and the teenager's family. >> the video is definitely harrowing. . the family of course looking for some accountability to which the police say they're trying to be as transparent as possible.

12:19 pm

they understand what the optics of this looks like which is why the they went forward and released the body camera. that initial stop the short chase and then the shot that's fired. the state attorney general's looking into this case. that's procedural. these are procedurally things that are happening now. first and foremost the family wants to know why this happened, why that teen was chased. why the teen was subdued and why that fatal shot was fired. we actually heard from a family member who's just distraught. take a listen. >> i can't accept the fact he doesn't get to go to high

12:20 pm

school. >> family described him as a good kid. there's been a lot of protests and unrest in the community as a result of this shooting. >> george, to that end briefly, the mayor of utica met with community members last night. >> he admitted this is tragedy. he's also promising transparency, he turned very quickly to the subject of gun violence in the country saying, look, we had other instances of teens and guns in our community. this investigation just unfolding. many more questions left unanswered. >> george, thank you. coming up, pat tillman's mother speaks out about the you'll find them in cities, towns and suburbs all across america. millions of americans who have medicare and medicaid but may be missing benefits they could really use. extra benefits they may be eligible to receive at no extra cost. and if you have medicare and

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breztri may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia, and osteoporosis. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. ask your doctor about breztri. on nbc news daily. i'm janelle wang. you probably can feel it. the heat wave is coming. much of the bay area is set to hit triple digits. nbc bay area's bob redell is in the east bay, tracking fire risk ahead of this heat wave. we expect community pools like this one here in livermore to be very popular this week. as moms and dads bring their kids to cool off during this heat wave. the message from doctors, of course, wear your sunscreen is stay hydrated. the message from cal fire pack your go bag and please be careful you don't accidentally start a wildfire. we actually had another one this weekend here in livermore.

12:24 pm

fortunately, it was small and put out quickly. i just spoke with cal fire, sonoma lake napa unit up in the north bay, which has already dealt with two major wildfires this season. the point and cites fires. cal fire reminds us that 95% of wildfires are caused by people. now this week's warning is to not set off fireworks during the 4th of july, especially illegal ones. be careful with your barbecue and campfires. if you're in the wilderness, don't park your hot car and dry grass. don't drag chains from your vehicle or boat. travel with trailer, which can cause sparks. now this wildfire season is unfortunately already off to a busy start. cal fire sonoma lake napa unit has already seen more than 20,000 acres burned this season, which is already more than the previous three seasons combined. not this week. we're standing, but we've already had two pretty significant heat waves. there's been strong winds throughout the bay area that has really helped to dry out or cure a lot of our grasses and the vegetation, and

12:25 pm

so we kind of have those aligning factors this year that, you know, we've had the heat, we've had an abundant and cured grass crop. if you live in an area prone to wildfires and evacuations, you'll want to have a go bag packed and ready. you can log on to ready for wildfire.org to get more information on that. and with this extremely hot weather, pg&e is warning the heat may trigger public safety power shut offs in more than a half dozen counties, including napa and solano. you'll remember the psps happen when there's high winds and dry conditions that increase the risk of power lines sparking or coming down and starting a wildfire. the utility does expect only a handful of customers in those counties to be impacted here in livermore, bob redell nbc bay area news. thank you. bob. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall now on how this heat will impact the bay area this week. here's what to expect as we go throughout the week and extended period of a heat wave expected as our bay

12:26 pm

temperatures hit the 80s and 90s in the valleys, it could be over 110 degrees, along with that comes a very high fire danger and impacts to our air quality. take a look at our highs for today. we're in the mid 70s in san francisco, low 80s for oakland, low 90s for dublin, and as hot as 102 degrees in vacaville today. but tomorrow it gets much hotter in some spots. temperatures coming up about 10 to 15 degrees with highs in the mid 90s and even 106 degrees in livermore. we will have more days like this. we'll take a look at our 7-day forecast that's coming up in a few minutes. it's going to be a stretch. okay. thanks so much, kari. nearly half a million credit union customers are in the dark after an outage at patelco credit union comes as rent and other bills are due today, july first. the outage was first reported on saturday. patelco, which is based in dublin, sent an email to customers saying it experienced a, quote, serious security incident which required the

12:27 pm

company to shut down its systems. electronic transactions like transfers and account inquiries were unavailable. service is expected to be restored today. starting today, it's going to cost you a little more to drive across the golden gate bridge. since 2019, the golden gate bridge district has been increasing tolls by $0.35 each year, and in march, leaders approved a series of new increases over the next five years. this latest hike is part of a larger effort to ease a budget deficit of more than $200 million. so here's what's going to change. tolls are jumping by $0.50 for drivers with fastrack, the price will jump to 925. for those without fast track, it will jump to 1025. that's not all the price for bus and ferry lines are also increasing by $0.25. a new junk fee ban is going into effect today throughout california. on saturday, governor newsom signed the ban into law. it bans hidden charges at hotels, concerts and other businesses. but in the last minute reversal, the governor spared restaurants from

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the only topical pain reliever with 4 powerful pain-fighting ingredients that start working on contact to target tough pain at the source. for up to 8 hours of powerful relief. new advil targeted relief. bottom of the hour now, here are some of the stories making headlines on "nbc news daily." authorities say at least four people are dead and two are

12:31 pm

missing after severe flooding in switzerland and northern italy. hundreds of people were evacuated in both countries. heavy rain has bombarded the region throughout the weekend. flooding from that rain was compounded by melting snow from the alps mountain. trump ally steve bannon reported to a federal prison in connecticut today to serve his four-month sentence, a jury found bannon guilty of two counts for defying a subpoena in the investigation. of the january 6th attack on the capitol. the former trump adviser is also facing criminal charges in new york state, that trial has been postponed until the end of september. ♪♪ and did you see this? actor michael j. fox joining the band coldplay to perform on stage during a music festival in the uk over the weekend. he played the guitar alongside the band for coldplay's hit

12:32 pm

song, and band member chris martin offered his thanks to fox. he said marty mcfly guitar solo in back to future was the main reason we're in the band. tsa predicting a record number of passengers in the days surrounding the holiday, but severe weather has delayed or cancelled flights from coast to coast. >> meteorologist bill karins is tracking what's coming and when. but let's begin with nbc news correspondent sam brock. >> reporter: the july 4th travel season is certainly off to a bang. with the early fireworks coming in the form of a barrage of storms. on sunday, more than 8,000 flights across the united states were delayed and more than 2500 cancelled. as travelers got a taste of the hectic holiday crunch. >> my flight to seattle was seven hours delayed. >> reporter: ground stop sunday were issued al all of new york's

12:33 pm

busiest airports. as drivers in connect contended with flooded streets and entangled power lines out west. severe conditions across the country as celebrations for july 4th are already in the works. the tsa's top ten travel days. are filled with dates from the last couple weeks. and the agency projects more than 28 million will fly over the 11-day period surrounding the holiday. a nearly 5.5% increase from the year before. the record travel coinciding with a major category 3 hurricane beryl, which rapidly intensified over the weekend and is now expected to sustain 130 miles an hour winds. >> this is a major hurricane, not a joke. >> reporter: sam brock, nbc news. let's bring in meteorologist bill karins, how are things

12:34 pm

looking for travelers over the next few days and the fourth of july. >> we'll have scattered storms over the next couple of days. i think the heat's going to be the big story. today, scattered storms in central plains, clear in the west and the east. but today's a really nice day for travel. temperatures are cooking already, though, in the southern half of the country either in the 100s or the 90s. sacramento is at 90. the heat in the west is going to be a story in the interior as we go throughout the next couple of days. interior california, southern portions of nevada, a little sliver there of arizona, how hot are we looking? near some records in a few cases, not in vegas or phoenix. redding up to 11 tomorrow. cooler at the coast. l.a.x., 77. as we go through the holiday into the end of the week, look at palm springs, by friday 121

12:35 pm

is possible. redding, 113, 114, 116. extended heat will extend through this area. it looks like the middle of the country is the worst as far as travel. for the fourth itself we keep all the problems in the middle of the country. >> all right, meteorologist bill karins, thanks so much. voters in france have propelled the country's far-right nationalist party to a strong lead. the national rally party took 33% of yesterday's vote, that puts france on course for its far-right government since world war ii. the second round of voting will take place on july 7th. nbc news chief international correspondent keir simmons joins me now from paris. this was french president macron's idea, he called for this snap election and i imagine this wasn't at all what he was

12:36 pm

expecting. >> reporter: we're learning the word for humiliation in multiple european languages as headlines play out across this continent about president macron, he now has to go into the second round, or his party does and try to wrestle back some kind of initiative, what he's trying to do is to say across the left and center let's unite together, let's stop this national rally party and this 28-year-old, jordan bardella, young charismatic, attractive man who has led the party and may well become the prime minister, a former fascist party, anti-immigration, it may be that government that welcome people to the olympics this summer. >> keir, what does effectively mean if they do have that kind of power, what does that look

12:37 pm

like in parliament and for france? >> reporter: well, yeah, i mean, it's political earthquake for europe, we've not seen politics like this since the second world war, politicians here in france referencing the government the pro-nazi government here in france and talking about this as unprecedented since post-war and now as you mentioned they have to win the far right have to win the second round, they may not happen, it may be a hung parliament, but on the other hand we may well see a government that includes a prime minister standing there for the olympics and remember this far-right party it's not pro-europe, it's warm toward president putin. it's not supporting ukraine, the war in ukraine, as well as other policies. it would be another major shift here in europe and that would be

12:38 pm

the kind of europe that the next president there in the united states would have to deal with. >> all right,kie simmons, thanks. appreciate it. let's turn to the seas now, weeks into summer, we reported a few times on shark attacks at america's beaches this season. a new system being deployed that could divert sharks before they get close to shore. brian cheung got a firsthand look at how it would work. they are the apex predators of the oceans. thousands of sharks now being spotted in american waters each year as they move closer to shore due to warmer waters and increased food supply. dr. craig o'connell has worked with sharks for most of his life. he wants to modernize the way we protect beaches from sharks, keeping swimmers safe and the sharks, too. he founded this conservation foundation in 2013. what got you interested in wanting to research sharks? >> it's always been a passion of mine. i saw a shark entangled in a net.

12:39 pm

and i said, how can we possibly do this to these amazing animals, kill these animals to make the shoreline more convenient for us to use recreationally? >> reporter: he spent his career working on this, a shark barrier that repels sharks, almost like a force field. it is a big change from current technology. nets and lines with hooks and chains used at beaches off of australia and south africa. what is the problem with nets? >> within a given year roughly 2,500 sharks are killed and removed from the environment. everything that's capable of being caught on those hooks or entangled in those nets typically perishes. >> reporter: encouraging signs, sharks turning away. the design is a mix of both low and high tech, playing off of shark sensitivity to magnets and electricity. >> it is a large visual barrier that extends from shoreline to shoreline.

12:40 pm

from sea floor to sea surface. and inside that barrier are a series of electromagnets as a way to selectively repel sharks. >> so it repels sharks, not kills them. >> absolutely. it's non-invasive technology that does not kill sharks. oh, my god! look at that. that is cool! >> reporter: o'connell and his research team tested the barrier last october in cape cod. in this footage, great white sharks turn away. he walked me through the process by setting up a smaller setup here in new york. >> right here, this is going to be the base of the structure. this is going to be against the sea floor. up there, that's up at the sea surface. >> reporter: the pipes are made to compress and stretch to cover both low tide and high tide. and the pipes are white, a visible warning to the sharks. and if they dare to get even a little bit closer -- >> as it activates, it emits an electric field.

12:41 pm

that's our third line of defense. >> so it's like a shock. it is an actual electric shocks. >> the entire body will shutter. they will turn away. and it is a deterrent. >> reporter: o'connell's team of volunteers and scientists assembles it in water. the final test for the barrier will be to enclose a full beach. the team travels to cape cod in october. high season for shark migration in the north atlantic. o'connell will enclose a beach for two months to see if it could fend off the big kahuna, great white sharks. >> if we can demonstrate on great whites, it can withstand these big seas. this thing can be deployed pretty much anywhere. controversy surrounding this year's pat tillman service award, typically given to someone connected to sports whose service honors the legacy of pat tillman, who was killed in afghanistan. this year the honoree is prince

12:42 pm

harry and pat tillman's mother does not approve. here's kelly cobiella. the backlash is growing against a decision to give prince harry the pat tillman award for helping to create the invictus games. how the game transcended borders and impacted lives. but tillman's mother, mary tillman, who says she wasn't consulted about the decision, telling the mail on line, i am shocked as to why they would select such a divisive individual, saying others are far more fitting who don't have money, resources, connections or privilege. pat tillman gave up a promising football career with the arizona cardinals to join the army rangers after 9/11. he was killed by friendly fire in afghanistan in 2004. his family setting up a foundation in his name. and espn launching the pat tillman award for service.

12:43 pm

in 2014 for unsung heroes. >> it is such an honor for us to receive an award named for a hero like pat. >> reporter: last year's winner, the buffalo bills training team for saving damar hamlin's life. pat mcafee. >> it's like the espy for a royal family who doesn't want to be called a royal family member who loves sports. >> reporter: this morning, a petition to re-think the honor signed by tens of thousands. but some are defending prince harry. >> i'm so happy for harry. >> i love this moment for prince harry right now. >> i think that prince harry has certainly divided opinion both in the uk and in the united states because of the various controversies he's been involved in in recent years. >> reporter: prince harry living in california for four years now said the award is for our entire service community. kelly cobiella.

12:44 pm

coming up, july 4th is days away. some retailers are offering steep discounts.

12:45 pm

12:46 pm

okay, red, white and blue all around you because the fourth of july is just a few days away and while many of us may spend the holiday grilling a

12:47 pm

good time to take advantage of deals. >> 51% of consumers plan to shop for fourth of july sales this year, half of us, how do you find the best deals? we have zoe with us about what to buy and what to skip. when first of all do these sales start, what product categories should we be looking at. >> sales have already begun, start shopping, start browsing if you haven't already. two main categories we recommend looking at right now, the first is big-ticket home items, big kitchen appliances like your refrigerators. home appliances like washing machines. then, also make sure you look at that summer gear, retailers start to drop prices on what you need to get through that warm weather, air-conditioners, fans, summer clothing, pool gear, now is the time to buy.

12:48 pm

>> love that. i'm in the market for an air-conditioner. you also say there are some items that we should skip right now, what do you recommend. >> knowing what to skip is just as important. the first category we don't recommend shopping right now is tech and that's because amazon prime day is about two weeks away and that's when we tend to see some of the best prices on head phones and speakers. smaller kitchen appliances, too. not the best time to back to school shop. wait a little longer to get school-related tech. fall fashion, wait a little bit longer because you'll see better prices towards september. >> wait weeks for the school supplies? >> i'd say a few more weeks, mid-august is usually best. >> any other tips for shoppers as we enter holiday. >> first and foremost make a shopping list, it helps you stay organize, prioritize and helps

12:49 pm

you avoid some of those impulse purchases. and comparison shopping. so many retailers offering discounts right now. so shop around. use a buy now, pay later system, use a credit card, sometimes they offer you perks and even look at some loyalty programs because you can get some members discounts. >> make sure you pay later. you mentioned some deals from major retailers, target, walmart, amazon, those are some general summer savings, but that's a little different from savings we might find this week. >> july 4th, this is all about the seasonal theme, this is when you buy those warm-weather goods, amazon and target and walmart, there's no theme there, a time when retailers put so much of their inventory and they discount it, we recommend sticking to some of the tech deals, small kitchen appliances.

12:50 pm

some basics on sale, cleaning supplies and paper towels. overall two rounds to shop this month and you get great deals on both occasion and the amazon, the walmart and target do their own weeks. >> yes. they have their own exclusive sales. >> thank you. for more tips on how to maximize your summer savings just scan the qr code on your screen or head to nbcnews.com/select. >> there's much more news ahead. >> gone go anywhere, you're watching "nbc news daily". type 2 diabetes? discover the ozempic® tri-zone. ♪ ♪ i got the power of 3. i lowered my a1c, cv risk, and lost some weight. in studies, the majority of people reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. i'm under 7. ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular

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vision changes, or eye pain occur. ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ [laughing] ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy for copd because breathing should be beautiful, all day and night. weighing a big boost today for housing in san francisco. city leaders are celebrating a new ruling that allows san francisco to fast track approval on housing projects. on friday, the state's department of housing said the city did not meet its housing goals in 2023. so in order to fix this, the agency ruled the city now has to follow senate bill 423. it is legislation that was introduced by state senator scott wiener last fall. it allows the city to bypass approval from the planning commission for housing. now we're doing something called good government, which means we set the rules ahead of time. this is the zoning. these are the design standards. here are the rules. and if you meet those

12:54 pm

rules with your project, you get your permit in a matter of months. yes. no discretionary hearings, no sequel lawsuits, none of the politics at the board of supervisors. you just get your permit. mayor breed says the legislation will help the city have more affordable housing options in the future. we have dangerous heat this week. meteorologist kari hall has more on the heat wave and our 7-day forecast. today, our inland temperatures will be slightly hotter, but the real dangerous heat is going to be hitting us for the middle of the week into our 4th of july holiday, where our valley high temperatures will be in the triple digits that continues from friday into the weekend. only slightly lower temperatures and our overnight lows will be near 70 degrees, while along the coast and in san francisco we will have some mid 80s very warm air coming in for the middle of the week into the 4th of july, and it will be slightly cooler

12:55 pm

for the weekend as we see the return of clouds and fog. be careful with any fireworks outside as we are dealing with some extremely dry hills, and make sure you're staying hydrated. but drinking lots of water throughout the day. thanks kari. yeah, most fireworks are illegal in bay area cities, including sparklers. leave the fireworks to the pros. scan this qr code. it shows you safe ways to celebrate lots of events happening. just point your smartphone camera to that qr code on your screen. or just go to nbcbayarea.com and we'll be back

12:56 pm

backs back today, consumer investigator chris chmura team is helping recover some british pounds. grab your passport. we're going international. scott on the peninsula booked a flight to copenhagen on british airways. he then changed the flight and next completely

12:57 pm

changed his mind and completely canceled the trip, all within 24 hours. you know what? that's okay, because us law requires all airlines to let you either hold or cancel a trip, risk free within 24 hours, and get a full refund. in fact, british airways website is pretty clear. it says you can cancel your flight booking and claim a full refund without penalty up to 24 hours from when you make the original booking. well, guess what happened with scott, he says. british airways held back a 120 british pound fee and wouldn't budge, so he contacted us. we contacted ba, it didn't respond to us, but scott says ba called him and refunded his 120 pounds. we only track one currency in our tote board, us dollars, so let's do the conversion. 120 gbp becomes 152 usd. we're going to add that 152 bucks to our $7 million tote board. if you have

12:58 pm

trouble like scott did, you can contact us online, scan the qr code on screen right now to fill out our consumer complaint form. good job. thanks, chris. that does it for this edition of the does it for this edition of the fast forward, our next ( ♪♪ ) asthma. it can make you miss out on those epic hikes with friends. step back out there with fasenra. fasenra is an add-on treatment for eosinophilic asthma that is taken once every 8 weeks. ( ♪♪ ) fasenra helps prevent asthma attacks. most patients did not have an attack in the first year. fasenra is proven to help you breathe better so you can get back to doing day-to-day activities. and fasenra helps lower the use of oral steroids. fasenra is not for sudden breathing problems or other eosinophilic conditions. allergic reactions may occur. don't stop your asthma treatments without talking with your doctor. tell your doctor if your asthma worsens. headache and sore throat may occur. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection.

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i'm craig melvin, and this is "dateline daytime" on nbc. i'm craig melvin, and this is "dateline daytime" on nbc. i just flipped out. i lost it. we could not understand how anybody would want to murder him.

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