Secure Cloud Storage for Documents, Photos, and Files (2024)

Securely store and access all your files from any device

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Store and share any file type

Presentations, design documents, videos, and photos — these files can all be stored and shared securely with Box. Box works for virtually any file type, enabling multiple people to collaborate without the risk of version-control issues. For colleagues, employees, and external partners, Box enables quick access to files from any device, so they can work from anywhere Plus, Box’s cloud storage ensures you always have an online backup handy.

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Manage all your content securely online

Box is equipped with enterprise-grade security, along with encryption of documents in transit and at rest. Through the Admin Console, admins can manage the company’s files and folders at a granular level by setting classifications, sharing options, and access controls. Employees using Box can also set auto-expiration and password protection on shared links for particular files, or manually delete a link when that file is no longer needed. Box’s digital asset management and cloud storage solutions enable the optimal balance between content accessibility and security.

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Collaborate and share files effectively

Box offers one central platform for cloud storage, file sharing, syncing, e-signatures and collaboration — among other complex use cases. You can share files and folders and actively collaborate in real time with people inside and outside your organization. Control permissions on a per-user basis, and even enable view-only access by locking a file from edits with Box Drive. Never worry about version control or losing a file or folder, since Box always saves earlier versions automatically, in case you need to go back.

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Store data in-region

Does your company need to satisfy international data residency requirements? Box can help support your data residency efforts across multiple geographies. With Box, organizations that have users in North America, Europe, Asia, Canada, and Australia can use local data storage to store files in region. Box zones raises the bar for privacy and control in the cloud, so you can work with organizations and customers around the world while storing your content in your preferred region.

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Keep using your favorite apps

With over 1,500 Box app integrations, you can access and work with content across Microsoft 365, Okta, Google Workspace, and every other app you need to make your business productive. All your different lines of business can stick with their preferred productivity apps, and you get peace of mind knowing the underlying content is stored in a single, secure content layer. And with enterprise-grade security, governance, and compliance, Box makes working with app integrations safe and secure.

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Pick your ideal storage size

When choosing the right amount of storage for your needs, it's important to consider how much data you'll be working with. At Box, we offer a range of storage plans tailored to fit different requirements. Many of our plans also include the benefit of unlimited storage, ensuring that you never have to worry about running out of space again.

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Secure Cloud Storage for Documents, Photos, and Files (45)
Secure Cloud Storage for Documents, Photos, and Files (46)
Secure Cloud Storage for Documents, Photos, and Files (47)
Secure Cloud Storage for Documents, Photos, and Files (48)
Secure Cloud Storage for Documents, Photos, and Files (49)

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Secure Cloud Storage for Documents, Photos, and Files (52)
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Secure Cloud Storage for Documents, Photos, and Files (2024)


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